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Break Point Theatre’s debut production in London centres around the story of 5 young adults, all sinners, all victims. But who has what it takes to really win? Who will cross any line, to get what they want?

Poker. It’s a game of bluffs, gambles, victories and losses. A bit like life really.
Francis, Charlie and Cupid meet each week to play the game. Francis and Cupid share a savage secret. And when charlie finds out, it’s a gun he wants in his hands, not a stack of cards.

Premiered at the Soho Theatre, London, in 2004, Flush takes an uncompromising look at sex, death and deceit.

"...the writing has such a kick, the structure is so slippery and the scenario so twisted and compelling that I found myself leaning further and further forward on my seat." - Lyn Gardiner - The Guardian **** (4 stars)


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