Etcetera Theatre



This is the story of Hendrik Höfgen, actor, who starts his career at Hambourg in 1926, dreaming of a revolutionary theatre. He moves to Berlin, when Hitler has risen to power. The Nazi ideology, humiliating and manipulating the human nature, is now dominant.  In Berlin, he forms alliances with the authorities (allies with the Devil, similarly to Faust, therefore the title Mephisto), betrays all his principles and transforms into a puppet of the Nazis; a clown entertaining murderers. Consequences will be severe. 

Is this a comedy, a drama, a tragedy, a cabaret show, or a utopic story-telling? It’s all of these, and so much more. 

Adapted from the novel by Klaus Mann, this story is disturbingly relevant to today. 

Written by Klaus Mann

Translated and Adapted by Irini Dermitzaki

Directed and Performed by Nicholas Bayonakis 

Set and Costumes : Eva Nathena

Set Designer’s assistant: Elsa Gogoglou 

Sur Mesure Costume by: Takis Giannetos


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