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Londinium Soliloquies Part I

Londinium Soliloquies  Part I

Get a glimpse into the heart of London with ’Londinium Soliloquies: Part I’ at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden Town. This powerful production features 7 soliloquys by a diverse cast of Londoners, each sharing their unique experiences and perspectives on life in the city. From the struggles and triumphs to the hopes and dreams, this show offers a raw and honest look into the lives of the capital’s inhabitants.


Don’t miss your chance to see this moving and thought-provoking production on 24 and 25 January at 7pm.


Written and directed by Julia Smith




Crystal Sek is a late passenger

Demi Leigh is a marathon runner

Heather Ewart is a grieving lover

Hedy Li is an archaeologist

Ida Eythorsdottir is a recent graduate

Íde Simpson is a recent graduate

Isabella Breslin is a saint

Isobel Ewart is cab driver


Stage assistant: Kit Harris


A Londinium Theatre Production


Content warning: short references to grief, homicide, sports injury, sexism,  misogyny, transphobia.


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