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AGE OF STEPHEN The Ultimate John Farnham Experience

AGE OF STEPHEN  The Ultimate John Farnham Experience

What does a queer child of the ’90s, born to Italian migrant parents, who grew up in Melbourne share in common with one of Australia’s most celebrated musical icons of all time? A lot more than might first meet the eye! 

John Farnham is arguably one of Australia’s most skilled, successful & adored male pop/ rock singers of all time. Stephen Valeri... is most definitely not - but that won’t stop him from attempting to convince you that he and Farnsey share a spiritual connection, in his critically acclaimed, third solo cabaret offering: AGE OF STEPHEN. Join Stephen as he channels his inner ‘Whispering Jack’ in this very loving tribute; not only celebrating Farnham’s prolific career and the greatest hits of his extensive back catalogue, but pairing this with his own self deprecating humour, nostalgic storytelling and a generous serving of camp! 


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