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Let’s Talk About Philip

Let’s Talk About Philip

When 30 years of family silence is broken Helen begins a detective-like quest to discover the hidden story behind her brother’s suicide.


The journey takes her back to her childhood, exotic Asian locations, a coroner’s court and the place where her brother died. As surprising details are uncovered, Helen grapples with loyalty, long-held beliefs and how much we ever really know about those we love.


A fast-paced, candid, darkly comic and gripping play, written and performed by Helen Wood and Gregor Hunt.


Directed by 2022 Olivier Award nominee Derek Bond (Dragons & Mythical Beasts; Jess & Joe Forever).


’This is a beautifully constructed, utterly engaging play, powered in equal amounts by Wood’s insightful candour and by Hunt’s flawless characterisation. I’ll be talking about it for a long time to come.’ The Wee Review *****


’A very peaceful and life affirming way to spend an hour.’ Three Weeks ****


’Strikes a perfect balance between grief and joy, and between love and anger.’ London Theatre 1 ****


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