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The Long Soak

The Long Soak

A miscommunication leads Seb and Matt into the bath together, where the couple discuss their three-year relationship. Their lives are on the rocks: Seb has recklessly left his job, Matt has admitted to an affair and, after so long together, a decision must be made about how to go forward. Visited by ghosts from their past, visions of their future and manifested fantasies, Seb wrestles -- from the warmth of the bathtub -- with whether monogamy and commitment are compatible with a modern, queer life. After the successful run of their last collaboration at the Etcetera, Quitting Smoking, Thomas Harcourt and Peter Bicarregui return with a witty, snarky, fantastical tragicomedy, unafraid to ask difficult questions about the nature of commitment and the paralysis of loneliness. 

Praise for Quitting Smoking: 
"A wonderful play, outshining many big budget productions."
"This play never drops the ball and manages to juggle a serious and poignant exploration of blame and substance abuse with genuinely hilarious dialogue."
"Quitting Smoking demonstrates a superb creative vigour." 
"An ingenious use of theatre."



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