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Andrey Vukhov, is a fiction; so, broadly, is the story he tells. Certain details, however, are factual: they relate to an episode of the Second World War. The location was a hilltop monastery in Southern Poland. The Germans left a number of captured Russian officers locked in a cellar. Vukhov’s telling the story of the monastery incident. This is his Trial… and you are the Judges.

“There are some plays that demand almost as much of the audience as of their actors. Judgement is one of these. The sheer intensity of Barry Collins’ monologue about cannibalism and the human spirit tears and drains... an unforgettable play" ~ Nigel Jones, The Independent

" extraordinary, stark and compelling play" ~ Jack Tinker, Daily Mail

" Barry Collins’ measured, eloquent writing ... you’ll be moved and disturbed, but palatably so" ~ Andy Lavender, City Limits

"It is a red-raw theatrical experience of rare depth and power" ~ Toby Harnden, The Scotsman

"...a stupendous achievement" ~ Graham Jones, The Guardian


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