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Dickie Must Die

Dickie Must Die

What would you do if someone hurt your best friend?  

What if you knew a way to get revenge?

What if you knew how to make sure they could never hurt your bestie again? 

You’d do it- wouldn’t you? Life’s not fair… so you might as well...redress the balance? 

Dickie Must Die is a dark comedy with a heart set on Halloween night. We follow twenty-somethings Ruby and Saph’s night that goes from bad, to good, to worse as Dickie, the culprit “responsible” for Saph’s heartbreak rocks up and Ruby plans to avenge her best friend’s heartbreak in an...unconventional but magical way… 

A coming-of-age play about love, friendship, modern-day dating, heartbreak and magic, Dickie Must Die takes you on a Halloween night ride to remember. This is the first play from Stitched Heart Theatre, founded by writer and producer, Olivia Denton.

Content Warning: Contains reference to magic, witchcraft, and themes of death


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