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Buried by Áine (WIP)

Buried by Áine (WIP)

So you want a funeral without all the religious bits? Áine is your woman. Join this “generically spiritual Celebrant” as she trains in a new cohort to be just like her. From making the dead person’s life more interesting to dealing with business rivals, there’s a lot to get through. Are you up to the task? 

From writer performer Niamh Denyer and OffComm award-winning company Blue Heart Theatre comes a new solo comedy about how to create the perfect send off, while also raking in the dosh.

Praise for previous work:

“Denyer is quite simply the most natural comedic actress I have seen on the Irish stage, to date” - Dublin Gazette

“The writing, performances, soundscape, and lighting are all perfectly pitched.” - Everything Theatre 


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