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Frank ’n Beans (Rehearsed Reading)

Frank ’n Beans (Rehearsed Reading)

Frank Junior is a world-weary NYC cop whose life is falling apart. His marriage is a mess, he’s haunted by the ghost of his father, and he can’t seem to stop putting the law ahead of his family.

But when drug lord Bunz Weiner starts buying up all the hot dog vendors in town, Frank has to take him down by going undercover, deep undercover … as a hot dog.

From writer Michael Kunze and OffComm award-winning company Blue Heart Theatre comes a new comedy about family, identity, and the sacrifices we make for justice. Also, lots of hot dog stuff.

Praise for previous work:

“Michael Kunze is a comedy master” - ReviewsHub

“A masterclass in comedic storytelling” - Ed Fringe Review


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