Etcetera Theatre



Two great nations. Two histories that have sometimes clashed, sometimes united. But Sacrebleu, we sure do have one thing in common: we love a good laugh. Whether you are a French expat, a veteran Francophile, you’ve “just done a bit of French at school”, or the only French you know is "baguette", we will show you that we don’t always need to understand each other to have a good time!

This is a bilingual improv comedy show (French/English) accessible to audiences of all ages who can speak either/or. Our cast are a mix of seasoned improv performers from both sides of the Channel, coming together for a very special night to smash the language barrier. We will create scenes and stories on the spot, based on your suggestions. You decide the show, we translate it. Pardonnez mon français, but it’s going to be bordel de wild.

And if you don’t understand everything, don’t worry: our performers won’t either.


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