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Set over twenty years in the life of Ian Parry, ZAV is a comedy/drama about a road-worker from Conwy, who finds unexpected success as a popular photographer. 

Leaving behind family, friends and his beloved Welsh mountains, he follows his fortunes, only to find humiliation at every turn. But with every disaster comes an ever-increasing payday. 

He wants to be exhibited at the prestigious Kromatic Gallery, he wants to impress his hero (the soulful, Welsh photographer, Ryn Ryndhu) and he wants to find a perfect love. But despite a rising bank balance, his true goal eludes him. 

Can Iain be redeemed? 

Partly inspired by the aspirations of Scottish painter, Jack Vettriano, ZAV is about a photographer who won’t open his eyes, it’s about being hip versus being a bit of a prat.


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