Etcetera Theatre

Promised Lands

Promised Lands

2016: Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. There’s a campaign to save a local Irish language centre, the Brexit vote is imminent, and a mysterious Wellness institution has come to town. Ciara is desperate to leave home for France, but five years on from the tragic death of her cousin Seamy, she struggles to reconcile her family history with a vision of her own future. This is further complicated as she unearths a connection to Padraic, a loner and stoner from school. And then there’s Grace, a cousin raised in London who’s visiting with an eye to studying in Belfast, but is desperate to understand the country her own father left behind.  

 This rehearsed reading is a one-off performance, and with audience feedback we hope to develop it into a full production in the near future. 


Director: Madeleine Kasson
Assistant Director: Scott Westoby
Written by Maeve Elmore 


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