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The Big O – Rehearsed Reading

The Big O – Rehearsed Reading

Trigger warning: reference to sex, masturbation, rape and abuse.

The Big O is a full-length play by emerging writer Kim Cormack. The play follows protagonist Lucy Swann as she delves into the world of female sexual pleasure in the 21st Century following a diagnosis of lifelong Anorgasmia.

On a journey of self-discovery, we join Lucy on her journey in the pursuit of the allusive "Big O". Exploring the academic, medical, psychosexual, psychological, spiritual, sexual, historic, societal and cultural approaches to female sexual fulfilment.

A story of searching for what we want but finding what we need.


“A 21st Century response to The Vagina Monologues.” – Stephanie Dale, Playwright.


Directed by Lotte Johnson

Endorsed by RSVP: Rape and Sexual Violence Project

Particular scenes were cowritten with consultant Evie Fehilly; award winning Drag King artist and sex educator for the legendary Sh!

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