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Wish you Were Here by Joshua A Thomas

Wish you Were Here by Joshua A Thomas

“Sometimes the happiest moments of life aren’t in the most typical of places. Sometimes the most solemn moments of life come at the times you’re expecting to be at your happiest. Morosophy productions’ latest theatrical adventure ‘Wish you were here’ explores the highs and lows of young adults trying to find their feet in an unforgiving world, focusing on ideas of hope, despair, love and loss. Come down to meet Ryan, Fin, and Billie as they take you on an extraordinary tale from their final days at university digs right the way through an end of summer festival season excursion.
From the makers of EdFringe’21 critically acclaimed ’For all the Love You Lost’, Morosophy Productions are back with a new story in the works. If you don’t catch it, you’ll wish you were here…”

Wish you Were Here by Joshua A. Thomas


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