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Double Bill: Amateurs and Empty in Angel

Double Bill: Amateurs and Empty in Angel

Why not make a night of it? See both ’Amateurs’ and Empty In Angel’ on the same night for £20! Exclusive offer for 29th & 30th October from 18:30.

Based on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare, ‘AMATEURS’ follows the quirky characters of Quince, Bottom and Flute, as they attempt to kickstart their performance careers in the middle of a global crisis. No budget, shoddy costumes and symptomatic actors, will they ever make it to their first performance?

Empty In Angel

Continuing the Shakespeare theme, follow our "wheel-turning Caliban", Watsie, as she fights for workers’ rights in the gig economy. Based on real events, this bicycle courier details her journeys through London whilst campaigning for sick pay, job security, and respect, ending in a historic legal battle. 

See both these shows on the same night for an exclusive price of £20.

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