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The Gallery

“Welcome to Cat’s Life 2021!

...If you miss it, you may well mis meow-t!”

This is the tale of the team behind the UK’s best, and only, cat rescue telethon...Cat’s Life!

Led by Series Producer Meryl, we follow the team as they put together this live extravaganza from their professional workspace: The Gallery. 

Unlike previous events, this year the show took on a new host, star of 90’s game shows like ‘Dunk Granny’ and ‘Somebody Call the Vet!’, the infamous Perry Doyle who, after serving three years community service, is finally back on our screens!

However, what was meant to be a smooth night about cats soon became what USA Today has since called ‘the biggest disaster in UK TV history.’

Indecent exposure...imprisoned audience members...and, of course, lots of lovely cats.

The Gallery is a black comedy about live TV and those behind the scenes with an unhealthy thirst for ambition! 

What will Meryl do to make sure the show goes on? 

Will Perry Doyle be able to reclaim his spot as TV’s golden boy?

And what happens when we send Jane McDonald on the road to confront negligent pet owners with a baseball bat?

Welcome to Cat’s Life 2021!

Written and Directed by Patrick M. Lynch
Story by Kate Black and Patrick M. Lynch


Samantha Vaughan
Kate Black
Jason Plessas
Patrick Lynch
Connor Jenkins
Ryan Hurst

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