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City Lighthouse Theatre Company Presents "The Sun Will Rise"

City Lighthouse Theatre Company Presents

The Sun Will Rise is an optimistic exploration of 21st century life, where we reject the cynicism that comes with the everyday.

The play is an exploration of naturalism and absurdity and follows the lives of four troubled characters. Whether you’re ignoring internal problems and focusing on the external nature of things, or getting ‘bogged down’ in the internal and forgetting the external, everyone’s a little bit lost, and a little in need of daybreak.

The Sun Will Rise takes the questions everyone asks themselves. “Am I enough? Will things be okay?” and aims not only to answer them, but to reassure the asker of a comforting truth. Have you ever felt as if the world were crumbling around you? As if there’s nothing you could do to fix things? As if the bad day you are having is the worst of them all and there’s no way you can get through it? Look at you now, surviving despite it all. The Sun Will Rise is a reminder that despite how hopeless things may seem, that same old sun will rise on a brand new day, and it may take many sunrises, but you will feel okay again.


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