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The Long Now

The Long Now

Gutter Street presents: The Long Now


Tudor is the finest clockmaker of all time. She knows her cogs from her clogs but will she be able to finish fixing her town’s ancient clock before time runs out? She is distracted by the beast that twists her dreams into nightmares and the wonder of the outside world. In search for the right tools in her trusty pile of things, will she finally finish the job she started…or will she just have another cup of tea?


Here on Gutter Street we are a home for artists and creatives to spend some time and tell some tales. Whether that is at our monthly new writing nights or here in our own fictional world. All of our plays take place throughout different times along the same road, and today we’ve found ourselves at the door of our resident clockmaker. So come on in and join us for our newest adventure…or is it our oldest? We proudly welcome you to Gutter Street, we hope you stay a while and enjoy your time with us.


Praise for past work:


Theatre Weekly - “A challenging and layered piece of theatre which point blank refuses to give its audience easy answers.” 


Indiepenent - “Undeniably thought provoking”


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