Etcetera Theatre

Youth Gone Wild

Youth Gone Wild

We are the youth gone wild. Get ready to dance, sing and laugh together.

Freddie Love is a multifaceted singer, drag artist, storyteller, & glitter addict. A country hick turned rhinestone rover, they clawed their way out of rural USA & onto international opera, drag, & cabaret stages. Freddie’s performances are operatic, campy, heartfelt, glittery medicine.

Miss Sibyl Vane is a burlesque performer with a musical theatre background, sassy petit Italian, Londoner inside who will charm you all.From vintage classic to wax pouring rock and roll, her acts are mostly inspired by movies, vintage music and beautiful outfits and aim to transport the audience to a magical enchanting world and escape reality.

Fedora is a multi talented burlesque jazz singer. She was born to be on the stage. She began her career in 2016 as a lead singer in Prague Burlesque. Her signature act is ‘Make-A-Wish’, where she comes out of a giant cake. Fedora travelled the world and performed in many cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Warsaw and Kraków.

Luspinda is a hula hooper inspired by drag artists, traditional circus and musical theatre - expect sass, show tunes and serious spinning skills!


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