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Peter Antoniou - Pretty Psychic

Peter Antoniou - Pretty Psychic

’Psychic’ Comedian Peter Antoniou brings his unique skills to read your mind, fondle your frontal lobe, and tickle your funny bone to the Etcetera Theatre. 

In this work-in-progress show Peter will explain what it’s like being a psychic, the various ways he’s used his skills to pay the bills, and what his powers reveal about you. You’ll witness brand new psychic experiments that will challenge his skills, and make you reconsider just how safe your mind is. 

Expect psychic readings, tarot cards, jokes, and maybe even a spider-monkey. It’s a work-in-progress after all, so not even the psychic knows what is going to happen.

“His ad libs are fast and sharp… a fair balance between humour and astonishment” - The Scotsman

“Witty and mischievous… exceptionally good” - Chortle

“Tall, dark and charming” - The Skinny


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