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CF19: Sea Changes

CF19: Sea Changes


Sharon; `You know what? He was jealous. Never been outside Shepherd’s Bush. Imagine fucking a man who’s never flown!’
Mair: `Soft on my face. Her skin, her tears. Must go on. Mustn’t stop. Must do it’.
Maeve: `Sally and I lay down, sun on our faces, just touching, like our hands.

Understanding the past in order to create the future.
In Sea Changes we meet three very different characters who offer the opportunity, through interwoven monologues, to identify with women’s experience of loss. It reveals how the telling of stories enables the ability to move on when tragedy strikes, less through the concept of ‘closure’ than through the healing power of integration which enables us to live with our losses and be more fully ourselves.

The personal experience of both Marina Jenkyns, writer, and director Jill Patterson, and their professional work in the fields of mental health and personal development, their love of the sea both as physical and metaphorical phenomenon and their Welsh and Irish identities also feed into their work.

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