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CF19: I'll Be Your Baby Tonight..?

CF19: I'll Be Your Baby Tonight..?


Lovestruck? Love Lost? Or just feeling a bit romantically indifferent…?

Meet Jenny, romantically confused, accidental serial monogamist, ultimate emotional fantasist whose heart is always being broken, as she brings her hunt for the one to this year’s Camden Fringe Festival!

I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight…? is a playful dating experience where audience and performer navigate their way around the world of dating and relationships through a series of semi-improvised interactions. This show is for the true believers of epic-style love stories who are forced to face the cruel reality of modern-day dating by swiping either left or right.

A combination of clowning, confessional storytelling and interactive ‘gameplay’ that celebrates the messier side of human nature: cock-ups, vulnerability and all.

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