Etcetera Theatre

The Trial

The Trial

Come play jury!



Part stand-up, part gig & storytelling, with a sparkling performance by Inês Sampaio, The Trial is an interactive new play that highlights current social political struggles of the LGBTQ+ community in Brazil and the world.


Donning musical instruments, a microphone and a loop pedal, Inês Sampaio invites the audience to join her on a journey of questioning, growth and discovery, be unprejudiced witness and play Jury to her story.



This hyper theatrical performance is loosely inspired on real life stories and the novel Tieta do Agreste by Jorge Amado. 

Supported by Arts Council of England, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation and Londonschool Trust

sponsored by Aspect +

partners Ask Accountants, UK Base Property and Da Silva Hair & Beauty, 


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