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Four Beds

Four Beds

Four Beds

Four Beds is a dark comedy played out over the broken political landscape of Brexit Britain.

Experience thrills and excitement as you witness the nocturnal habits of British people. Sex, drugs and death by Curly Wurly. A bank robbery. A Gordian Worm. A dirty burger.

Four couples, coupling and uncoupling, in a deeply divided society discuss literature, politics and robbing banks, but who will be able to hold it together the night after.

Mr Langdon runs the bank. His wife suspects he is having an affair. Richie has just been fired from the bank. His boyfriend Owain is depressed. And he owes money to Simon. Simon plans to rob the bank with his girlfriend Bonnie who is being counselled by Nick. Nick is in love with Grace. But does he really know who she is?

These four couples uncover each other’s secrets but which bonds will withstand the emergence of the truth in this darkly comic play.

Written by GMC Lewis

Directed by Andrea Hazel Lewis

Monkey’s Fist Theatre Company



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