Etcetera Theatre

Have I None

Have I None

Have I None is both frenetically comic and deadly serious. Written by Edward Bond and directed by Lewis Frost, 
Have I None resonates ever more strongly with the consequences of our current political choices.  It is 2077 and the past has been abolished. Frenzied mass consumerism has been replaced by standard-issue houses, furniture and food. The old cities lie in ruins and the people have been resettled. Sara (Emily Wickham) is unhappily married to Jams (Ben Jacobson), who works for the security services, but when a man (Brad Leigh) turns up at their door claiming to be her brother and holding a photograph of two children, Sara’s memory stirs.


‘the most savagely powerful dramatist writing today . .’ Independent.

the most influential English dramatist of all times’ . .  Abbey Theatre, Dublin.

Please arrive in good time for the start of the show at 7pm, latecomers will not be admitted due to the requirements of staging the show.


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