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Now That’s What I Call Hot Crisps

Now That’s What I Call Hot Crisps

Now That’s What I Call Hot Crisps

Crinkle-cut comedy trio Hot Crisps are back!

After a hiatus which was suspiciously as long as the negotiations in Brussels, the best friends (and Jake) will be performing a hilarious hour of their biggest hits for the last time ever at the Etcetera Theatre in May.

Featuring quintessential chart-busting favourites from their multipack of sketches and songs (not to be performed separately), this show will be full to the brim, unlike a packet of crisps are we right!!!!!

Don’t miss floor-filler classics such as ‘A Sketch About Television’ and ‘A Social Situation Goes Wrong With Amusing Consequences’, all digitally remastered in exquisite detail by legendary producer and tank enthusiast Ricky J. Freelove.


“A silly show filled with ridiculous jokes about everything and nothing” – My Entertainment World

“Their chemistry as a group is charming” – Broadway Baby

“Jake Shoolheifer really needs to control his facial expressions better. There’s no ignoring that he struggles with corpsing throughout” – View From The Gods



Q: What time is it?

A: Doors 6.30pm. The show starts at 7.00pm.

Q: How much are tickets?

A: £7.50, which includes a £1.50 membership to Etcetera Theatre which gives you discounts for a year.

Q: Will it be Hot?

A: No.

Q: Will it be Crisps?

A: No.


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