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Who is Daniel King - READING

Who is Daniel King - READING

I’ve written a new show and I’m doing an informal 1st reading of it. It’s a work in progress but here’s a blurb of what it’s about: 

Daniel’s living a patriarchal dream, he’s got everything he believed he needed in life, but he doesn’t feel right. He discovers what he really wants to be, but is it what he needs?


A new show about male ego, losing sight of reality and dancing. 


By Ed Eales-White, Writer/Performer of Clever PeterBucket and seen in NATIONAL TREASURE (Ch4), THE CROWN (Netflix) & Olivier Award winning production ROTTERDAM (Trafalgar Studios).   “Perfectly embodies the play’s balance between brisk humour and sensitivity”  The Evening Standard (for Olivier Award Winning play ROTTERDAM)


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