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Love, Genius and a Walk

Love, Genius and a Walk

Love, Genius and a Walk

LOVE, GENIUS AND A WALK is a play that explores the themes of art and marriage.  Gustav Mahler is a great artist, dedicated to his work, and wants his wife as a muse. His wife has an affair with Walter Gropius. In despair, Mahler goes to see Freud (this is 1910) and they discuss how we all need love and yet how we can sabotage it at the same time. And both men know well how the responsibilities of genius weigh. Contiguously, the play has a modern couple, a Wall Streeter and his artist wife who is writing about Mahler, and the modern couple mirror Alma and Mahler with different but similar dynamics.  We learn a bit about Alma Mahler’s legendary allure for men, as well as a bit about music!  All of it is quick and full of fun, as the characters get caught in quagmires that are familiar to us all.  It’s a play about the twists and turns of love, and of course genius!  It was nominated for 6 prizes, including best play, at the Midtown Festival in New York and was reviewed as “remarkable” and “stellar.”   



Written by Gay Walley (

Directed by Holly Payne-Strange (  

Produced by Bringing Up The House


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