Etcetera Theatre

VOILA! Van Gogh on the Beach

VOILA! Van Gogh on the Beach

Van Gogh on the Beach

Poetry House


Emerging Artist Award Winner presents A fusion of new writing, poetry, dance and art. Set in Los Angeles, Van Gogh struggles between his love for an enigmatic lady of the night and his passion for art. Creativity meets unchained romantic desire underneath the California sun.


In English




Sam Burnard                                                                   9 Nov.  7:00pm                    

Magdalena Guzina                                                        10 Nov. 7:45pm                       

Solomon Adams                                                             12 Nov. 8:45pm         

Nikita Esposito                                                            £10 ADV / £12 OTD

Jahmar Ngozi                                                            


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