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The Twilight Hour

The Twilight Hour

The Twilight Hour

After a sell out run at Canal Cafe Theatre, The Twilight Hour will be performed at the Etcetera Theatre for 2 nights only.

6 short plays where ordinary people on their search for love, companionship, fame, truth and wealth start their journey into the unknown as they enter The Twilight Hour where things might not always be what they seem.

A show inspired by The Twilight Zone


The Host” by Andrew Crook - Director William Ribo

Misfortune” by Mark Harvey Levine - Director William Ribo

A couple receives disturbing news from an unexpected source.

Take The Wheel” by Will Cooper - Director

Is the story of Frank, a black cab driver who has a split second to make an important decision that could change the rest of his life. 


Smart Home” by Jake Guastella - Director

After a bad break up, a young woman sits alone in her flat, with nothing but her home operating system for company.


The Human Touch” by David Vazdauskas - Director Edward Hill

In a not-so-distant future where artificial intelligence is rapidly replacing human jobs, a young man finds himself one of the last remaining workers. Lonely and depressed, all he seeks is the human touch. Can his visit to a therapist help him deal with this new world?


Pie In The Sky” by Susan Goodell - Director

According to legend, the key lime pie at the dingy Paradise Diner grants good luck—provided one can stop with only one bite. Will diners be happy with what they have, or will they become greedy?


Can I Change My Mind” by Jon Platt - Director

Professor Newton is dying. And with him will die the brilliant mind that could save humanity. There’s one chance, an untried clinical procedure to digitally transfer his mind into the brain of another.


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