Etcetera Theatre

Freedom To Be Me

Freedom To Be Me

Freedom To Be Me

FREEDOM TO BE ME will, with humor and drama, expose the fight to be oneself.


A sketch show with original music devised by the company focusing on the struggles of men and women to be taken seriously despite sexism, exploitation and put downs.


If someone stands out as different - gay, ginger, short, unladylike or weedy - they can be subject to abuse, piss-taking and worse.


Prejudice and suppression exist in many forms. The woman who won’t dress provocatively or prefers career to motherhood; the middle child, house father or loner are a threat to the conformists and must be redirected.


The competitive, the jealous, the control freak create the rules and use obvious and devious methods to impose them. No doubt much is ignorance and misunderstandings. But, the damage can be permanent.


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