Etcetera Theatre

The Audition (free but with prior reservation only)

The Audition (free but with prior reservation only)

Complimentary tickets by application only @ 

Subject to availability

After each performance the author Kenneth Robbins will hold a Q&A session.


The Audition tells the story of a troubled actress, who has no one to talk to and finds her solace in the one and only place that feels like home to her: the stage.
Amy Collata’s big dream is to be on stage forever. So she comes to one more audition with the hope that this will be her Big Break. But, soon after entering the theatre, she finds herself alone and locked inside. Someone might arrive though, so while she’s waiting, she digs through her repertoire for the perfect audition piece. What happens when she realises this is just another stupid joke and that she is nothing more than a mockery target?


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