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On The Night

On The Night

85 Actors, 25 Directors and 27 Writers have so far helped us create 4 sensational ‘On The Night’ evenings at The Arcola Theatre to sold out audiences. 32 short plays have been showcased and 7 of these pieces have been developed into full length productions, that’s what these nights are all about to us. Creating opportunities for fellow creatives and giving them a stage to showcase their talents. These nights can lead to more, much more!

We’re thrilled to be bringing ‘On The Night’ back to our lavish and loud London audience and like our current world, we’re constantly evolving and fancied giving ourselves a facelift; not only will we be at a new theatre, we’re going to get our jazz hands out and give the structure a nice little shake up.

We’ve had an unbelievable time treading the boards at The Arcola however, this year we’ve decided to set sail on a new voyage and our 5th installment will be hosted by our dear friends at The Etcetera Theatre in the heart of Camden Town.

What’s changed you ask? Well firstly, it will be hosted over TWO nights. Secondly, it’s no longer on a day of Sunday rest it’ll be on a day of motivation – Monday! And Thirdly, 8 new pieces of writing will be selected, 4 pieces showing on one night and the other 4 on the following week. This will give us more time to focus on each piece and give them more opportunity to flourish, not sharing their night with 7 other pieces. Quality not quantity and all that! The theme this time..

’Equality & Revolution’

Line UP:

21ST MAY 2018 7PM

Common Ground by Jonathan Skinner

Gross Capital by James P Mannion

Mind The Gap by Jack Hesketh

One’s & Zero’s by Benedict Smith


28TH MAY 2018 7PM

Do Something! by David Hendon

Isn’t He Handsome by Jennifer Cerys

Sunny Side Up by by Alan Hall

Testoestrogen by Charlotte Warner & Darren Latham


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