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Of Innocence and Experience

Of Innocence and Experience

Of Innocence and Experience at Etcetera Theatre

Williams Blake’s book of poems Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience drives the narrative of this collaborative performance for a singer, an oboist and an actor while Vaughan Williams’ settings of the Songs for voice and oboe provide a musical thread to this piece that further explores meaning and intention.

A story is told from a modern perspective: that of a difficult relationship between a young father and his son. Two people who, as time passes, realise there is not much they have in common apart from family connection. When a terrible event strikes their lives, it becomes a tipping point for their already fragile relationship.

Blake’s poems feed and inform different human elements of the drama due to their timeless and universal character, as well as their exploration of deep contrasting human emotions. In the end, has the human condition changed at all in 200 years?


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