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We Are Here

We Are Here

"We Are Here"

We Are Here, a showcase of original, self-penned monologues based on strong female characters from existing works. This show will feature Foreign Femmes, a diverse company of six international women actors.

Janaki Gerard 
Of Music Halls & Men 
Inspired by: Mary Poppins - A Book Series by PL Travers, musically adapted by Julian Fellowes 
After the outbreak of World War I, Mary finds herself unemployed....

Francesca Sales
Inspired by: Seascape With Sharks and Dancer - A Play by Don Nigro
Tracy is faced with a terrifying decision, one that could mean never being able to settle down in a world that’s full of sharks — and destroying the person she loves.

Haeyun Shin
Inspired by: Lust, Caution - A Novella by Eileen Chang / A Movie by Ang Lee
Music Composer: Sung Jin Cho
Jiazhi has a mission to seduce an enemy. She begins to wonder if she can coldly take him to his death—or is she beginning to fall in love with him?

Luna Dai
Inspired by: Rotterdam - A Play by Jon Brittain
We live in a society built on labels, regarding class, race, gender, etc. When someone tries to jump out of the gender box, how will it affect their identity and relationship?

Larisa Muñoz
Inspired by: Little Red Riding Hood - A Fairy Tale by Charles Perrault
Little Red Riding Hood has traveled distances far beyond the forest... now she’s been reminded why she returned to the wolves’ den.

Mira Rastas
Under Her Lucky Stars
Inspired by: Cinderella - A Fairy Tale by Charles Perrault
Ella’s stepmother has made her life miserable. After an unfortunate chain of events, Ella ends up at her father’s grave to share with him these latest pieces of news.


Tickets for We Are Here in Etcetera Theatre in London

You can buy tickets for We Are Here in Etcetera Theatre in London for £8 + administration fees

Monday 15th of January of 2018 at 7:00pm


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