Etcetera Theatre

LOVECRAFT: A Nightmare in Ashcroft

LOVECRAFT: A Nightmare in Ashcroft

A Nightmare in Ashcroft at Etcetera Theatre

Attention Ashcroft Citizens!
You are cordially invited to attend preliminary investigations into the recent sinister happenings of your small northern hometown. Inspector Legrasse is presiding, and the truth WILL be uncovered. Whatever the consequences...
This new immersive production from Raising Ashes theatre, loosely based on A Shadow over Innsmouth, will cloud your mind, and likely draw you deeper into the Lovecraft myth than you ever could have imagined.

Event: A Nightmare in Ashcroft 

Dates and Times: 6 and 7 February, 2018 at 7pm

Ticket Price: General Admission: £8 | Concession: £5


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