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LOVECRAFT: Mountains of Madness

LOVECRAFT: Mountains of Madness

Mountains of Madness

Six years ago, Miskatonic University sent a team of researchers to explore the geology of the Antarctic. The catastrophic outcome was deliberately shrouded by expedition leader Professor Willa Dyer and her graduate assistant Frances Danforth. Now, with a new expedition proposed, Dr Dyer wants to set the record straight - beyond what was in the newsreels sent to the Arkham Advertiser - about what really happened in that "cryptic world of frozen death" - the "Mountains of Madness."

Three voices, from the past and the present, narrate the harrowing events of that journey, some unaware of their ultimate fate, some still bearing the trauma of recollection.

Vulcanello Productions presents an original adaptation of the classic horror story by H. P. Lovecraft. Moved a decade earlier to the 1920s and with a gender switched cast, this show celebrates the Lovecraft mythos with a production firmly rooted in palaeontology, cryptozoology, and the original Antarctic expeditions of Frost and Shackleton.


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