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BB#3: And then the Rabbit Died

BB#3: And then the Rabbit Died

“Then I become some big horrible reclusive stretch-mark ridden, man-lusting and ironically man-repelling beast… Oh my god. I’ve become my Auntie Eileen.”

As a storm batters against the doors of a small north Dublin community centre, a book group gathers inside to discuss their weekly readings. But something boisterous is coming this way. New member Aisling bursts in late and crashes the group who are already ready well under way. She is drunk, soaked to the skin and worst of all, she’s pregnant. Join Aisling as she talks us through how she became pregnant (while still on the pill!) to her nightmares about her hardcore catholic mother finding out about the baby, and whether or not she intends to keep it.

This whirlwind ride through Ireland’s family planning system (or lack of…) will leave you in stitches as the outspoken Aisling delivers a hilarious account of what it means to be pregnant in modern day Ireland.

(Contains strong language and deals with issues of pregnancy throughout.)

Audiences are calling it laugh minute tour de force!

Ireland is getting closer and closer towards the question of whether abortion should be made legal. Written by Kate Sullivan & Rory Devlin, the audience are presented that very same question but through hilarity and jest. It makes a stirring 90 minutes as we discover the implications of an unexpected pregnancy in Eire.

***** “A feast of food for thought!” London Theatre1


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