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Leave to Remain (An Aristophanic Brexit Tale)

Leave to Remain (An Aristophanic Brexit Tale)

"In a post-Article 50 alt-reality Britain is going to the dogs. Government has outsourced democracy to a tv voting show, pizza has been banned for its foreign origins and a visa to France now costs 30 Euros (£300). Eventually one man has enough and decides to rejoin the EU idependently. But with anti-European inspectors, a chorus of nationalists and Ol’ Nige out to get him, how will Dick fare? Based on ’The Acharnians’ by Aristophanes, ’Leave to Remain’ brings all the silliness and satire of ancient Greek comedy to contemporary Britain.

After their success at the Camden Fringe Festival, Found In Translation Theatre Company reprise Ollie Harrington’s "original and naturally funny" script for their first run at the Etcetera."


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