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The Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil Made Me Do It

Given the opportunity, you can do a lot in ninety seconds. Manhattan, 1974. An intense journey of revenge, this is the story of Donald James DiMaggio aka Donnie D. 
Smalltime Mafia associate, wannabe entertainer and unofficial manager of the Carousel Club, the backstreet midtown dive that will host his biggest show to date.

As far back as he can remember, he always wanted to be a clown but when he’s hit by a car on the way to the circus, four months of disability mean he misses so much school 
he returns to class indulged, obese and unrecognisable. Cue a conflicted life. Bullied at school as the ‘Fat Jewish kid’ (he is Italian and Catholic) a rage inside him develops as 
he finds himself always cut out, and never cut in. Ignoring petty street life to realise his ambitions in the entertainment world he finds an unlikely hero in the performances of 
Dick Davy at the Apollo Theatre, Harlem and an idol in legendary stand-up comic and television personality Flip Wilson.

As Donnie begins to make ground with comedy he finds his mother and friends stepping closer to the edge with their abusive pimp, Jimmy De Luca and local crime boss Frankie Fredonna. Protecting family becomes a necessity and he reluctantly crosses into the fringe of the life he always wanted to avoid. With the disappearance of De Luca, fingers get 
pointed and ‘dumb’ Donnie’s life now hangs on his reputation. Asked to provide the entertainment for Paulie Fredonna’s 18th Birthday he’s got to deliver a routine to die for.


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