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Pizza Man (by Darlene Craviotto)

Pizza Man (by Darlene Craviotto)

It’s a hot summer evening in New York City and Julie Rodgers has had a bad day. She’s just been fired after being propositioned by her boss. She’s broke, disillusioned, and decides to drink the pain away. Her roommate, Alice, comes home wild and frantic. Her boyfriend has gone back to his wife, kick starting her unhealthy eating habits. 

Julie suggests another way to vent their man-induced frustrations: they should pick a guy, any guy... and take advantage of him. Men have been doing it for years, why can’t a woman try it? Enter: an unsuspecting pizza delivery man. Coaxed into the flat to share an innocent beer with two women. The evening gets wilder, crazier, angrier, and very, very funny.


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