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The Ends

The Ends

A new play set on the mean streets of London. Three stories filled with revenge, revelation and redemption collide on a fateful night.

"The Ends" is a bold, intensely emotional, and funny story of lives that connect in an unexpected act of violence on the streets of London. Inventively structured as a triptych of overlapping and intersecting narratives, "The Ends" explores the lives of disparate characters who are catapulted into unforeseen dramatic situations instigated by actions taken decades before.
Mick and Tong are two hooded youths hanging out on a street corner with nothing better to do than gossip, dream and have moral and philosophical discussions as they bump into various mates on the streets of London.
Amir and Samir are two British Asian waiters who just want to get through their  busy shift so they can go out and have fun, however the clientele in their restaurant have their own problems.
Richard has just been released from prison after serving a life sentence for murder. He just wants to reconnect with his daughter Kim and start again but despite him paying his dues, he still has a long path ahead.
With a strong cast and crew of veterans and fresh faces, The Ends is going to be something special.


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