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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Ex-Nurse, Ex-Cop and full-time Dyslexic Sallyann Fellowes presents her debut stand-up show Out of the Blue. Zany, crazy and madcap tales from hospitals, police stations and life in general according to Sallyann. Unique, quirky, downright funny but above all true.

Out of the Blue written and performed by Sallyann Fellowes is an autobiographical stand-up comedy show based on her careers and many other bizarre happenings in her life. Sallyann has always wondered how so many weird things could happen to one person - it’s not her fault honestly!

The seeds for this show were sown after Sallyann retired from the police due to injury and decided to move into performance art instead. According to Sallyann really most things are funny and she uses a gallows humour philosophy to reflect on everything in life. Now venturing into stand-up, this rich vein of material has gone into the writing of a show full of quirky and original observations on life in general and true tales of madness and mayhem that she feels compelled to share with you, after all it would be rude not to.


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