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Strindbergs Women

Strindbergs Women

Strindberg’s Women is an electrifying double bill that explores class and gender conflict, social tensions, marital betrayal, personal revenge, morality, and the idealization and degradation of women

We will transport the audience of Strindberg’s late 19-century dramas into modern day England where we hope to generate the same thought provoking response that his dramas originally spawned.


In a contemporary reworking of the famous tragedy, a drunken party at a country estate leads a young woman to enter into a tumultuous affair with her father’s soon-to-be married employee. Her longing to experience love and break free from conservative convention sets in motion a calamitous sequence of events leading her to confront the brutal truth of her reality—for the first time in her life she concedes there is only one way she can escape.


An intemperate intermingling of art, love and revenge. In a society where opportunity and convenience prevails, one ambitious woman stands up for autonomy in face of losing her dignity. Her refusal to settle for convention gives birth to a deceptive game between two men in their pursuit for control.


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