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Being Sebastian

Being Sebastian

Sebastian Daniels finds himself back in his old front room preparing to visit his prison appointed drugs counsellor, spat out of a system that has dominated his life for almost a decade. As he recounts the blurred memories of addiction and human decay, reflecting on the poor food, boredom, violence, loneliness and broken promises, the realisation begins to dawn on him that all is not as it seems. Being Sebastian is an often minute to minute and day by day account of one man’s struggle to preserve his soul against the emotionless machine of the British Prison System in a world that has moved on. Combining narrative with spoken word and actually written on K-Wing in Strangeways Prison by Sean Cernow, this is a prison story with a difference and an often harrowing portrait of the sometimes fatal spiral into the bowels of madness and drug addiction.

‘Outside the walls of prison, some comedowns last forever’



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