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PubTheatreFestival: Skewed Judgement

PubTheatreFestival: Skewed Judgement

 Skewed Judgement starts with the morning after a Tinder date - Ad is a young white guy who runs a dating agency called that tries to match people by their political views, Claudine is a young black woman whose ambition is to become the youngest BAME UKIP MP. The fun really starts once they dress and head into the living room. 

Pub Theatre Festival: Full Line up

Friday 14th April 2017

7:30pm- Towers of Eden

8:15pm- For Angels Cannot Lie

9:00pm- Skewed Judgement

9:45pm- The Idiot’s Guide to the World

Saturday 15th April 2017

7:30pm- Panilla Ice Ice Baby

8:15pm- If My Heart Were A Camera

9:00pm- Central (Story) Line

9:45pm- COW


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