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PubTheatreFestival: Central (Story) Line

PubTheatreFestival: Central (Story) Line

Charles. Henry. Louise. 3 friends. 6 decades. 70 years. 1 tube ride.

Friendship, love, history.

From Churchill to Trump, from post-war to pre-war.

Mind the gap please between the past and the future.

 Cast and Creatives:

Louise -Heidi Nielsen

Henry - Eliah Arnstjerna

Charles -Duncan Hodgkinson Legoux

Magdaléna ŠkerenÄÂáková - Dramaturg

Directed by Daniela Atiencia

 Written and Devised by The Company

 Pub Theatre Festival: Full Line up

Friday 14th April 2017

7:30pm- Towers of Eden

8:15pm- For Angels Cannot Lie

9:00pm- Skewed Judgement

9:45pm- The Idiot’s Guide to the World

Saturday 15th April 2017

7:30pm- Panilla Ice Ice Baby

8:15pm- If My Heart Were A Camera

 9:00pm- Central (Story) Line

9:45pm- COW


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