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The Burning Gadulka

The Burning Gadulka

With humour and sarcasm, a musician tells a story about the relationship with his instrument - the Gadulka. An instrument often overlooked and unremarkable in its appearance, it is in fact the backbone of the orchestra. By blaming the Gadulka for his awkwardness and undermining its functionality and significance, the Gadulka player reveals the similarities between himself and the instrument. He takes us on a journey through the mysteries and fear we all face on a daily basis.

’Solid show and a good night’s entertainment, with plenty to think about afterwards’ - Everything Theatre

The Burning Gadulka’s portrayal of the struggle facing all proponents of folk culture in an increasingly globalised society is variously touching, sad and deeply comical.’   Central and Eastern European Review

’Unusual comic production’ - Views From The Gods


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