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WRONG comedy with Bob Walshy Walsh and the WRONG cast

WRONG comedy with Bob Walshy Walsh and the WRONG cast

Edinburgh Fringe Institution WRONG Comedy does exactly what it says on the tin. Its just beautifully RUDE, BLUE, SICK n TWISTED, possibly OFFENSIVE, IN YER FACE Stand Up Comedy and music. 
If you like that sort of thing you will LOVE this show. We do it very well. 

3 days 3 shows.

The shows are at 9.30pm and last an hour-ish. 

Thurs 26th, Fri 27th and Sat 28th Jan 2017. 

The Cast for ALL 3 SHOWS is.
Lenny Sherman. 
Harry U Eldrich.
Jenny B-Side. 
Karen Saich. 
Gary Graham Knightley. 
The Plastic Coppers. 
The WRONG MC is Bob Walshy Walsh.

Edinburgh Fringe Full Runs 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016. 
Bath Comedy Fest. Greater Manchester Comedy Festival. Streatham Comedy Festival. Balham Comedy Festival, Four Thieves Fringe Battersea, Cringefest at The Cav Stockwell and in total 175 shows over 6 years.

’10 Most Controversial Acts at The Edinburgh Fringe 2016’- Huffington Post. 

Awesome, DANGEROUS but REALLY REALLY FUNNY ! - Laugh Train Home. 

’I missed it i was in the bar but my mates FUCKIN LOVED IT !’ - Ian Cognito




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